Don’t Miss “Seconds Apart”

During my horrific-voyage through January of 2011’s horror films; I stumbled upon this little gem.   If you dig dark-psychological thrillers, this movie is a  psychological horror show from “After Dark Films”.   It starts off a little dull and perhaps slow but it increases with intensity right to the very end.   This movie puts a new twist on the infamous bond between identical twins, several scenes dropped my jaw, especially the affair with the butcher knife.  If your into the dark and twisted- don’t miss it!

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This is NOT Sparta!

“Dracula 2000” Starring Gerard Butler

Directed by Wes Craven

I remember that this Dracula looked really good. The first time I saw this movie I must not yet have known who Gerard Butler was.  (As I was typing “yet” in the previous line I accidentally  wrote “wet” , but fixed it).   This is not my favorite version of Dracula, but it is an interesting take on the classic story.  Dracula has been remade so many times that the new element is a welcome change.  Oh course, Gerard Butler doesn’t hurt either!

“The Ward”

Unlike Wes Cravens “My Soul to Take”, John Carpenters “The Ward” adds substance to a good idea.    Lyndsey Fonseca, from “Kick Ass” sports the rebellious-blond-dredlocks to play a woman institutionalized and simultaneously haunted by a ghost.

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“The Absent” and “My Soul to Take”

Remember this trailer??

I want to begin by saying that “My Soul to Take” had a really good trailer and I was excited to see it.  (Insert annoying-game-show-wrong-answer sound here).  This movie sucked!  The anti-hero was incredibly dull.  The “idea’ of the movie (without giving it away) was a good plan but many aspects of the plot were under developed.  Movies dealing with insanity usually have good potential.  This one falls flat.  Really flat.  Big disappointment from Wes Craven.

The second film you can skip is called “The Absent”, directed by Sage Bannick.  Only released in a few theaters January of 2011, It recently hit the netflix instant streaming. This movie has good cinematography but overall it is just boring.  If I had to choose one film over the other I would choose “My Soul to Take”, the potential of the story line is intriguing.

“Scream” takes a 4th “Stab” at it.

I appreciate good writing.  I really appreciate new inventive ideas that are eloquently presented through good writing.  Seriously, this 4th installment sucks.  They shouldn’t have made it.  It is clearly a Wes Craven film, his touch on things is easily recognized.  In my opinion he must have given too much freedom to the other people involved in making this film.   It didn’t have the same humor as the last or nearly as many celebrity cameos.  Sookie/ Rogue lent a few moments of screen-time for the most shocking footage of the entire film.  She is seen early on , and it doesn’t get better from there.  Glad I didn’t pay to see this in the theatre.  Now to return the damn video before I get charged a late fee!

“Rockula” a Cult Classic that Grows on You.

Check out the trailer 

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“Rockula” is referred to as a “Cult Classic”.  I guess that means a small group of crazy people.  This movie has a few moments where it is so bad that I couldn’t help but laugh.  On a serious note, it’s not even a vampire movie.  It is a cheesy 80’s flick, and the guy is a vampire.  That’s about it.  His long eternal lifespan is the only thing that matters in the plot.  If you like the campy cheese-ball movies you might get a kick out of this one.  Otherwise, you might want to kick yourself for wasting your time.  I actually turned the movie off about twenty minutes from the end.  My son insisted that we finish the movie the next morning.  I have to admit that the humorous musical numbers have grown on me in less then 24 hours.  This could be one of those movies that gets better with each viewing.  Let me know…

UPDATE:   At movie night last night, I found myself talking about this film.  I have been to to revisit certain scenes.  I can only describe this movie as a “Napoleon Dynomite” of the horror genre.  It is so stupid it is good.  If you appreciate stupid humor, and can dig movies like “Rocky Horror Picture Show”, then you should check this one out.

“Fright Night” Review-Updated

Okay…. so I was literally on the edge of my movie seat with my toes touching the ground as I was bouncing my legs around with anticipation last night. There were some cool effects, and Colin was a hot bad vamp. Good movie in its own right.  A few scenes felt rushed but it didn’t try to copy everything to “t” like some remakes have done. It basically just kept the idea of a vampire moving into the ‘burbs. Had some good laughs and a few good spooks; just like the original. Brewster actor was a good fit. I miss “Evil” from the first one… overall good show! Fright Night part one still reigns as one of my top five. New “Fright Night” is worth seeing.

I realized after publishing this post that I hadn’t exactly said WHY this movie is great on its own.  I guess due to the now-more-than-ever-popular romanticized vampire, I expected Colin Farrells character to follow the current.  However, this movie did something it really needed to do.  It has given us a a new type of vamp.  This isn’t “Edward” the brooder; this isn’t a ubber “Blade” vamp where their faces open up all disgustingly.  This is a demonic vampire.  No glowing eyes,  we get total blackness like evil Willow from “Buffy”.  Also, remember the apple from the first movie..we always assumed that the huge chunk taken from it was a hint at the size of dudes fangs.  Well, the new fright night elaborates on that a bit.  It takes the idea given to us in the first movie and expands on it.  The NEW-NEW is the demonic-esk vamp.  I don’t want to totally spoil it for those who haven’t seen it.  I’ll just say that this movie really made a point of showing how vampires would maneuver in their space.  I especially liked the “digging” scene.

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