2011 Horror Movie Flicks

I’ve been busy catching up on 2011!

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Here is a quick run down of what I’ve seen recently.

Paranormal Activity3 had me jumping and cringing under my blanket.  Of course I watched it in the dark and seriously have issues with “demons, “ghost”, etc.  This shit COULD HAPPEN!  Mostly I appreciate this trilogy because of the creative writing and forethought that went into the story line.  If your gonna rent it, make a weekend of it and watch all three.

Shark Week 3D sucked!  Writers of this film skipped a few classes I’m sure.  The basic idea of people dumping pets in sewers, estuaries, streams, and rivers  is expanded on when two small town island dudes adopt some sharks.  Any and all development in the story beyond that is all fluff.  I managed to sit through this movie because of Katherine McPhee (From American Idol).  View an interview with her here.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark was cute for the kiddies.  Katie Holmes plays her usual meek self as the young wife to a famous architect played by Guy Pearce.  Guy Pearce doesn’t exactly exude horror film quality but the impressive old house Katie were promising.  There were a few spooky moments, lost a bit of credibility in the writing.  Kids will appreciate it, pop some popcorn and enjoy.


“The Roommate” is Just Another Stalker Flick.

Just another stalker flick, “The Roommate” fails to provide horror and settles as a less-than-thrilling thriller. The attractive cast provides a needed bonus. “Twilight” fans may be happy to see Cam Gigandet, who played James the blond ponytailed vampire. Don’t buy it, but it makes a decent rental if you’ve seen everything else.

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Cam Gigandet

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