June 2012 Scary Movie Releases

June 8th

“Prometheus” (R)  *nationwide

If you dig the “Alien” movies, this looks pretty good.  I don’t classify the sci-fi/thrillers as horror, but many do. Either way, Sci-Fi is often horrific and this one looks promising.

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June 15th

“The Woman in the Fifth”(R) *limited

Supernatural Suspense Thriller

starring Ethan Hawke

After watching the trailer (link below) I am NOT excited to watch this film.  I’m not even sure what part of the movie is “supernatural”.  This doesn’t look good at all.  Can somebody please give the boy a machette?

Trailer Link

“The Tortured” (NR)*limited

This movie -not to be confused with a war movie sharing the same title- is every parents perfect nightmare.   Is it sick to relate to this gruesome justice?

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June 22nd

“Abraham Lincoln” Vampire Hunter” (unrated) *nationwide


At first glace this movie looks as exciting as “Van Helsing” with Hugh Jackman was years ago;  lots of hype, great effects, creative writing…but it just wasn’t scary.  This movie is horror/action so I expect the same.  I’m sure my boys will love it.   The 3D version may entice many to see this film at top dollar: I will wait for the DVD.