Here is a seasonal treat from “A Year of Halloween”. Appreciate the cold, kiddies.

Black Christmas

I know Eva is trying to be seasonal with the gifs right now and that makes me happy.  Cold is way more horrifying than heat (except for Hell I guess).  This lady getting creamed by an icicle is just one of the many horrible fates that can befall you in the winter.

  • The old head in a snowblower gag
  • Fall through the ice
  • Slip on a walkway and split your head open
  • Snowman butt-stuff
  • Jack Nicholson at the end of the Shining

In the summer, there really isn’t any equivalent.

  • Get locked in a car in a parking lot
  • Stranded in a desert
  • Sweat through your suit coat during the day because the meeting room you were in had no AC and then be expected to go out with people after work

Those really aren’t that bad.  I think that’s probably why people in warm climates are so laid back. …

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