If your not reading this blog, you should be. Eva Halloween is delightful. Check out this “Best of 2012” list.

Lovies, as we approach the end of January, most “best of 2012” round ups are long passed, fading small in the rear view mirror. However, time is a fluid thing here on The Year of Halloween, and while we’ve already started the countdown to October 31st (282 days to go!), we are also still luxuriating in memories of 2012.  Later this week, we’ll be featuring a few of our most popular posts of the year, but I thought you all might appreciate a chance to peek at those posts you may have missed.  Here are five of my favorite TYoH posts from 2012 that passed with whisper, from gorgeous horror photography to vintage art, with a few ghosts thrown in for good measure.

1. And Still There Sits a Moonshine Ghost: The Legend of Penny Castle

penny-castle_front_evadiaOctober 2012. Gather round, lovies, and listen to the ghostly tale of Penny Castle, headstrong…

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