Here is a seasonal treat from “A Year of Halloween”. Appreciate the cold, kiddies.

Black Christmas

I know Eva is trying to be seasonal with the gifs right now and that makes me happy.  Cold is way more horrifying than heat (except for Hell I guess).  This lady getting creamed by an icicle is just one of the many horrible fates that can befall you in the winter.

  • The old head in a snowblower gag
  • Fall through the ice
  • Slip on a walkway and split your head open
  • Snowman butt-stuff
  • Jack Nicholson at the end of the Shining

In the summer, there really isn’t any equivalent.

  • Get locked in a car in a parking lot
  • Stranded in a desert
  • Sweat through your suit coat during the day because the meeting room you were in had no AC and then be expected to go out with people after work

Those really aren’t that bad.  I think that’s probably why people in warm climates are so laid back. …

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Smart and sick. Much like Dexter.

Have you seen these adorable Dexter Blood Slide lollipops from the fantastic Andrea over at Forkable?  Made of melted sugar poured and cut to look like glass microscope slides, a touch of red food coloring gives this wicked candy the perfect vibrant Dexter specimen splash.

As Andrea nicely sums up from the show,

For any of you who aren’t familiar with the show, Dexter is about a serial killer of the same name, who works by day as a forensic analyst for the Miami police department, and by night, cleansing the city of the evil criminals who slip through the cracks of our faulty judicial system.  Every serial killer has to keep his mementos and Dexter’s trophy case, consists of a box of slides, each containing one drop of blood from each victim.

Visit Forkablefor the complete instructions and step-by-step photos for creating your own candy…

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I have searched high and low for this film!

I have spent several pre-Halloween seasons trying to figure out the name of a movie that I watched as a kid.  I always thought the with was played by Cher.  I’m not sure why I thought that- give me a break I was a little kid.  Anyways, I am happy to announce that I have finally discovered the true actress and the name of the movie.  drum roll …..


Mariette Hartley, plays the witch in this wonderful family Halloween film

1979: The Halloween that Almost Wasn’t (AKA The Night Dracula Saved the World)

Check out the link to a wonderful site, “halloween”.  They have provided a great write up, pictures and even the show itself (in three parts).   Enjoy.  Click Here